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April 8, 2017

Time-Based Presentation

To organize a user’s creative content, our technology coordinates and presents the content in chronological order, based on, for example, the time the corresponding messages are delivered. This allows information to be conveyed in a coherent format: recipients can follow the user throughout her day, viewing her activities in the order they occurred. This creates a more authentic experience and expands the user’s personal perspective into the social sphere.


The user can include her own text commentary over image, as well as including location information, speed, altitude, or the temperature where the content was captured or created. For example, the user can overlay temperature on an image of falling rain in response to a friend who asks whether to bring along an umbrella and trench coat. Or, the user can capture an image of her surroundings along with the speed at which she is biking, to quickly indicate to an expectant friend that she will arrive soon. Thus, each message can be enriched with pertinent information regarding the user’s experience in order to convey a sentiment or story, whether it is the magnificent altitude from which she is overlooking the ocean, the oppressive temperature in which she’s hiking, or the alarming speed at which she is driving.

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