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Communication Central

Say Hello to Your Personal Virtual Assistant!

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Communication Central in action
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With our patented Communication Central technology, messages sent to you through any means of communication can be consolidated through one username. Whether sent via mobile phone, PC, voice, text, or other means, the messages can be channeled and adjusted according to the persons trying to reach you, the urgency of the messages, and your activity, location, and schedule. The portal maintains confidentiality for all methods of communication, providing you with more privacy and efficiency.


Adding to the sophistication of our Communication Central technology, our patented hands-free text/speech transformation ensures that you receive your messages in the formats most convenient for your schedule and activity, while our approved access feature allows you to decide who can contact you.

Communication Central can determine the most conducive means of delivering messages based on your schedule and the priority of the sender. If you receive a call that requires your attention during a meeting, our patented technology can convert the message into a viewable text for immediate access. If you receive a text message while driving, our patented technology can convert the text to voice, so that you can receive the message and respond to it in the same format, using voice-to-text conversion.


Acting as a liaison between senders and you, our technology can tag each contact with a communication frequency level, and automatically identify the priorities of the senders. Your contact information, such as your email address, can remain private and yet still allow others to communicate with you. 


In a sense, our Communication Central technology acts as a personal virtual assistant, who is aware of your social preferences, activities, schedules, and location. Furthermore, by understanding your previous interactions, Communication Central can prevent unwanted interruptions and ensure your time is spent most efficiently.

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