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For when you’re really in your feelings

Our technology shows you. In addition to enhancing your messages through details like location, speed, temperature, and audio, IngenioShare’s Feelmoji sympathizes with your emotions. Based on your activity and mood, it provides rich multimedia representations of you that you can infuse with your message to more fluidly convey your point.


And the process is as seamless as your creations. You may be catching up with friends or listening to soothing jazz, and your facial expression may be relaxed or content. But upon receiving an incoming alert, your mood changes. You become distressed or anxious. From this, Feelmoji provides different ways for you to communicate your frustration to a friend. Appropriate filters, animations, or other descriptive signifiers of you are automatically generated to allow you to select to enhance your message. Your shift from tranquil to apprehensive can be conveyed through your own animated figure, whose appearance, expressions, and behaviors change just like you.


If you are hopeful, your personalized figure can present a variety of different situations from which you can select, from glancing expectantly at the sky to jumping up and down with anticipation. And in addition to providing multimedia representations to show your emotion, Feelmoji can represent the intensity of your mood based on your behaviors, such as rapid typing with increased misspellings. Illustrations and 3D figures epitomizing you and your disposition can tell a more vivid story. Merging a representation of an emotional you into your message means your exchanges are more captivating, engaging, and succinct.


Whether circumstances are provoking your fear, apprehension, impatience, pensiveness, determination, excitement, happiness, anger, resignation, astonishment, satisfaction, optimism, laughter, or fascination, collapsing these feelings into a representation of you and then adding it into your message facilitate an empathetic and dynamic experience. Your friends can see the exact intensity of your state, like whether you’re busy or whether you’re swamped, when they receive you in your message.


As you enhance your messages with these emotions, they serve as illuminating personifications of you, enabling your messages to become your most lucid self.

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