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Gaming is evolving, not just in new technological features. Gamers are socializing more with their communities than ever before.


Where gamers were once confined to one platform, the age of crossplay has brought multiple platforms to a single game. Now gamers engage with each other through a combination of consoles, smart phones, PCs, and VR headsets.


But despite the enormous potential for flexibility, crossplay also has challenges. Communicating among different platforms imposes restrictions on players: inhibited texting on consoles discourages those who dislike speaking to strangers, experience misogyny, or prefer to stay anonymous.

Communicate Your Way
- Without Your Platform Getting in the Way

Crossplay overcomes limits. So should your platforms.

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Our speech/text transformation technology is the ideal solution to facilitate crossplay. Console gamers no longer need to pause their games and summon virtual keyboards to laboriously type responses. PC players no longer have to switch to a chat box to type in order to send text messages, a precarious move in fast-paced games.


With our technology, gamers’ voice responses can be instantaneously converted to text and vice versa and sent without interrupting play. This allows gamers to retain the ability to communicate through voice or text if they choose.


Our technology also consolidates different gamer information, such as contact information, user block lists, availability statuses, and messaging, under one username over multiple platforms, while keeping their contact information private.


With confidentiality, consolidated user information, and speech/text transformation capabilities, our technology is ideal for the new age of crossplay, enabling gamers to continue to socialize with those they choose, while mindfully electing how much of themselves and their information they want to reveal in newly emerging social interactions.

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