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Multimode Communication

Messaging different media with a single identifier

Our patented messaging technology facilitates interaction without divulging personal contact information. With an interface that allows a user to employ one identifier for different media, such as text, voice, group chat, or video, the user does not need to use, for example, a separate phone number for voice messages or separate email address for text messages. Furthermore, since all interactions can occur through one user identifier, personal contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, is not disclosed to other parties. Confidentiality is consequently maintained, facilitating more private socializing as well as more substantial global sharing.


Without releasing personal contact information, users have the ability to build their personal brands and enhance their celebrity. Famed vocalists, musicians, actors, streamers, and writers can develop their personas and share their intimate thoughts with fans without sacrificing the privacy of their personal addresses. Gamers could chat, play and win without fear of retaliation. All interactions can occur through their user identifiers, maintaining users’ privacy while expanding their global reach.


Additionally, our technology can notify other users when a user is available and dynamically adapt to the user’s schedules and activities. Messages from unwanted or unimportant contacts can be blocked based on user preferences or based on the user’s prior reactions to a sender’s communication attempts. This allows the user to spend more time connecting with the friends she cares most about.

Some related patents can be found at Multiplayer Videogames.

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