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At IngenioShare, we believe digital communication should absorb the spontaneity of experience and the intimacy of conversation into fluid, shareable moments. We enable users to create expressive content for their social sphere. User content can be unique to the individual, expressed in the medium most suitable to the user. With content that transcends text to multimedia message, we equip digital conversation to encompass image, voice, and video—so that the content can be as sensory as the experience it conveys.


Users of our technology can morph their content to reflect their feelings, and infuse their images with auxiliary information, such as filters conveying their location (commonly known as “GEOFILTERS”), temperature, altitude, or speed, to more succinctly express information pertinent to their stories. Graphic overlays and text commentary can be incorporated into captured moments, and shared content can be displayed in chronological order, so recipients can experience the content true to the timeline of events. Users can invent their own identifiers and communicate without revealing their personal contact information, allowing them to share their creative content globally with unrestricted ease.


As users experience moments and receive messages from their friends, our technologies can also provide sponsored materials that cater specifically to each user’s interests. With tailored ads, users need no longer concern themselves with content that doesn’t appeal to, entertain, or educate them. Instead, advertisers and users develop a more engaging, more interactive relationship.

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IngenioShare invests in and transforms innovations into impactful intellectual properties. You can concentrate on launching products, while we take care of creating corresponding solid patent portfolios, and, if necessary, procuring appropriate licensees and acquirers for them.


License or acquire our patent portfolio corresponding to your strategies. If our existing portfolio doesn’t fit your needs perfectly, we could customize it for you. Purchasing or licensing our patents enhances your intellectual property position, decreases development time, and increases bottom-line profits. To check out our robust selection of patents and find those most suitable for your company, explore our IntellectualWare.


IngenioShare can also provide consulting on patent-related matters. Based on our expertise and experience in technologies and patents, we expand and refine your solutions into highly-effective patent portfolios for maximum impact. Not only do we assist with developing solid patent portfolios covering your inventive technologies, we also procure appropriate licensees and acquirers for your patents in ways you see fit, so that you can further improve your market position.




Peter Tong is a co-founder of IngenioShare and affiliated companies, including IpVenture. His interests range from technological innovations to patent protection and monetization. After earning his BS from the University of Hawaii, he attended Caltech and earned his MS and PhD, all in electrical engineering. He also holds a JD/MBA from Santa Clara University.

Prior to IpVenture, Peter developed microwave instruments and devices at HP, where he also practiced patent law. And he co-founded Mindfabric, a software company in natural-language search.

Peter is the co-inventor of more than a hundred US patents. He has been involved in practically all aspects of patents, including prosecution, licensing, and litigation.

Peter believes it is important to keep learning. Technology impacts all aspects of our society, and he finds it critical to understand and focus on the right markets. He is actively involved in organizing a Caltech monthly speaker series in Silicon Valley to teach alumni about a variety of technological subjects.


Doug Thomas is an inventor, entrepreneur, lawyer, and a co-founder of IngenioShare, IngenioSpec and IpVenture.  As an intellectual property attorney, he has represented Fortune 500 companies, emerging companies, and individuals in developing and protecting their intellectual property assets.  As an inventor and entrepreneur, he has obtained and licensed various patents on his own innovations.  Thomas has a BSEE from Pennsylvania State University, a JD from Dickinson School of Law, and an LLM with specialization in Intellectual Property Law from George Washington University School of Law.  He has also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Santa Clara School of Law.  Thomas was selected to be a member of Who's Who of American Inventors in 1998-1999.




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