Enhanced Messaging

Our patented technologies facilitate communication among mobile device users by allowing them to alter their messages to include additional information such as location, speed, environmental conditions (e.g. temperature), or the user’s physical or emotional conditions. For example, this information can be accessed and presented to a user when composing a text, song, photo, video, or other type of message. Our technologies allow the user to enhance her message with this information, whether graphically (e.g. image overlays, emojis, decals, geofilters, etc.) or textually (e.g. plain or decorated texts).




To illustrate, our patented technologies allow a user to enhance her message with her activity information. The activity information identified could be the average speed the user is moving, which can be categorized into a movement type and expressed within a message in various ways, including as a symbol or other indication. This movement type, for example, can indicate whether the user is walking, cycling, running, or stationary. Our solution can also determine, based on user preference, whether activity information should be provided with her messages.​

Our technologies also allow mobile users to share their whereabouts with their friends and family in more creative ways. For example, users can decorate their messages, whether sent from a beach party, a tranquil dinner, a library event, or a dance club, in order to express their enthusiasm, invite friends to join them, or create personalized memories for a digital collection. Selections of graphics, emojis, text, or geofilters based on the user’s location not only can advertise points of interest to a growing audience, but can also encourage users to artistically convey a sense of community by embellishing messages with informative adornments regarding events, location-based hobbies, and even important causes.


Users can also classify their information in levels, with some levels more confidential or important than others. Different recipients can receive different levels of user information. This enables the user to safely share messages along with her most personal information only to those she fully trusts.

With our technologies, messages also can be enriched with audio effects related to user location or environment. For example, when a user captures a picture near a concert venue, she might find the option to add audio clips from current shows. Or, if a user creates a photo or video message during a rainstorm, the app could offer a rain filter that provides a sound of rain drops falling at that location. Audio GeoFilters can also mean lucrative advertising opportunities for businesses. Imagine a user at a café or business. The business could promote their brand by inviting the user to add their sound samples into the user’s message. This can be extended to personal advertising, like weddings or other parties, for which the user can pay to create unique audio effects that are available for guests snapping photos and capturing video at the event to add to their memories.


Visual effects provide a rich, evocative resource for creative expression, and have proven to be a hit with users. Why stop with just the visual? Our location-related audio effects could open up a whole new dimension for users of messaging apps.

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